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Top 3 Butter Churns


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Best Overall Churner

Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn

The Kilner vintage glass butter churn is a great value with sturdy design that provides you with everything you need to start making delicious homemade butter in about 10 minutes.  As with all butter churns you need to remember to let your heavy cream become room temperature.  Cold cream will be harder to churn.  You can also purchase just the churn if you want without accessories if you choose.  The churn alone costs $38.98.  You can click on the See It link to see this offer as well.  The Kilner butter churn comes with directions and several butter recipes.  Overall this is our favorite choice for making fresh butter at home.

Best Value Churner


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Chef'n Buttercup Butter Maker

This little guy gets the job down in about 5 minutes.  Fill with room temperature whipping cream and start shaking.  When the butter starts to separate from the buttermilk just unscrew the top and there is a built in strainer for your to pour out buttermilk.  Leave the butter in the jar and rinse under cold water until the butter is clear of any left over buttermilk.  When you all done rinsing just twist off the bottom butter keeper and serve.  This is a cleaver little device to have in your cupboard.  Recipes for honey and roasted garlic butter are printed right on the jar.  Hands down our favorite low-cost butter churner that will produce about two sticks of butter.

Best Electric Churner

Buttermeister Butter Churn

It might not be the prettiest butter churner on the market, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in a well made, long-lasting churner that you will have in your kitchen for years.  There is no plastic parts on this churner.  Glass and stainless steel agitator along with a powerful motor easily churns your heavy whipping cream into homemade butter.  This is the one gallon option and we find it to be adequate to make small or larger batches of butter.  For those who are looking to make even larger batches, check out the two and half gallon version.  If you are a frequent butter maker and you want the convenience of an electric motor this is our pick for you.


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