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Homemade Butter Made In A Butter Churn

Make your own butter at home with a butter churn.  

Store your homemade butter in a butter keeper and it will stay fresh, soft and spreadable.

Delicious butter recipes that will enhance your cooking. more thing, be sure to save the separated buttermilk it makes great pancakes!

Butter will last you around 4 weeks in the refrigerator.  Freeze it for longer storage.


Steps to Butter Churning

Pour heavy whipping cream into butter churner.  Lightly salt if desired.

Step 1

Secure lid and turn handle for about 10 minutes.  Cream will 

Step 2

Cream will thicken and separate leaving you with butter and buttermilk.

Step 3

Pour out buttermilk into container.  Rinse and knead butter in ice water until water is no longer cloudy. 

Step 4

Using paddles or your hands, squeeze out any remaining buttermilk.  Shape butter into block or place in butter keeper.

Step 5


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Welcome to!  On this site we have reviewed our favorite butter churners and butter keepers on the market.  We hope you enjoy our reviews and that you consider making your own fresh butter at home.  Be sure to checkout our flavorful butter recipes as well.   

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